What is Automated Attendant and How Does Work?

Music with an On-Hold Message, Automated Attendants, and How They Can Be Great Assets to Your Business’s Productivity!

On-Hold Music and Messages

In the past, on-hold messages consisted of some obscure song playing on a loop, or worse yet, a loud constant beeping noise or no sound at all. Today, however, on-hold messages have matured into an essential branding and marketing tool for businesses, both large and small. Studies show that most callers who are placed on hold without a message or music tend to hang up almost immediately.

A well-constructed on-hold message consists of a recorded voice and background music, ensuring the customer that the call is still connected until a representative returns to the line. Businesses can take advantage of this time by letting customers and prospects know more about their business, what it stands for, and their products and services.

Branding and Marketing

When business owners create their on-hold messages, they can showcase the company’s brand using everything from the voice’s accent to the wording. Along with branding, an on-hold message is also great for marketing, which is crucial for any business regardless of size or type.

Additionally, your on-hold message can also provide the caller with vital information, including your hours of operation, location, website, and more, all before the caller speaks to anyone. This feature will save your business time and money, and it’s also an excellent way for your clients to immediately access the essential information they may be looking for.

Automated Attendant

An Automated Attendant, also known as a Virtual Receptionist, transfers callers automatically to a specific person’s or department’s extension (such as sales, service, and support) without the need for an operator or receptionist. It will enable callers to find the person they need to reach without being placed on hold multiple times, while will improve productivity, employee performance, and customer satisfaction.

If you’ve ever called a business during peak hours, you are no stranger to immediately being placed on hold without getting a single word in, often being transferred before you explain what you need. An Automated Attendant prevents this from happening and keeps your clients happy by immediately connecting them to the department or person they’re trying to reach.

Unwanted Robocalls

Robocalls are a plague of today’s technology—but not with your Automated Attendant. Robocalls or spam calls can’t respond to the Automated Attendant by dialing, which means they will be filtered out. Your business will no longer be plagued by the dreaded “scam likely” calls.

Much like the on-hold message, an Automated Attendant can be customized to fit your business’s needs. Most companies include a greeting and then add different options. For example, “For Spanish, press 1.”

You can customize your Automated Attendant, which will allow you to manage your workflow, resulting in an improved customer experience and a productive, streamlined business.

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