It’s Time to Leave your Fax Machine Behind!

Communication technology is one of humanity’s most impressive and ever-changing advancements, from the days of smoke signals to our modern ability to instantly reach anyone anywhere with the press of a button. In recent years, thanks to the internet and the “cloud,” we have made communication even more convenient and efficient, not only through business cloud phone systems but also through online faxing. With cloud computing, we are now able to engage in almost all forms of communication simply by using a browser on any internet-connected device.

The cloud and other internet-based services have led the way for businesses to perform all tasks online, not just email or internet use. Now, even faxes can be exchanged more efficiently. Business owners, always looking for ways to work smarter and be more productive, can now use online faxing as an additional resource to achieve those goals.

What is Online Faxing and How Does Work?

Online faxing works much like an email service, but instead of entering an email address, the sender enters a fax number. Receiving an online fax is just as easy! Whether a fax is transmitted using a traditional fax machine via a landline or using a reliable online fax service from ON Drive Techs, it will be received as an email attachment in PDF format.

What Are the Benefits of an Online Fax Service?

An online fax service allows business owners and teams to send or receive faxes from anywhere, whether employees are on business trips or working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With online faxing, this is possible. One can receive the fax in an email inbox or by logging in to the ON Drive Techs fax portal. There, you can view, download, and send back right away! That is truly priceless.

Cost-effective and Convenience

Since electronic fax is 100% online, you will no longer need to purchase a fax machine or software or worry about keeping up with the maintenance. The additional expense of ink and paper will decrease significantly. This allows your business to not only go green but also keep some green in your pocket!

Organization and Storage

Sometimes, the workday can be hectic. Things get moved around, and things can get lost. With online fax, you will never have to worry about losing important fax documents ever again. Your online fax portal allows you to see every fax that has been sent and received for 12 months. Since your portal is linked to your email account, faxes will also be stored there. This allows you to keep all of your documents and communications stored and organized in one place.

Accessibility and Usability

An online fax subscription allows you to set up independent email addresses for each person using the service. This is a great feature of which any business can take advantage. Every employee can send a fax from their own account and receive a confirmation to their email. It is as simple as registering to the online fax plan that meets the needs of your business. No equipment, no phone lines, no mess. You just need your internet-capable device, and you are ready to take on the day!

Analog fax machines run on regular phone lines; because of this, only one fax at the time can be received. With ON Drive Techs‘ online fax service, this is no longer a problem. For example, a doctor’s office is constantly receiving numerous referrals for their patients via fax. An online fax service has no limit to the number of faxes the user can receive at any given time.

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