Is VoIP Cheaper Than a Landline?

You know how they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Well, this was the consensus for the longest time with traditional landlines.

Then VoIP came along.

VoIP is a modern form of communication that takes full advantage of the Internet. It’s a fantastic, affordable solution for business communications. Yet, you may get slight pushback since it goes against traditional systems.

Stuck trying to decide between a landline vs VoIP? Let’s resolve this so you can enjoy this tech’s wonderful features and opportunities.

Why VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

There are many reasons why businesses choose VoIP services:

  • Mobility
  • Versatility
  • Reliability

Perhaps the biggest reason of all is VoIP’s affordability.

VoIP piggybacks off the Internet Protocol instead of traditional phone lines. This reduces costs incurred by hardware and services tied to landline systems.

The result of using voice over the Net? Savings passed onto its users.

How Much Does VoIP Cost per Month?

The monthly cost of VoIP depends on two primary factors — if it’s:

  • Hosted on-site at your business or it’s primary systems
  • Offered through a cloud-based service or mobile app

Hosting VoIP technologies on-site has a higher up-front cost but a lower on-going price tag. Cloud-based is cheaper to get started but you pay month-to-month which can add up over time.

An average hosted solution could include the following:

  • $150 – $1,500+ setup
  • Configuration and IT
  • On-going maintenance

An average cloud-based solution could include the following:

  • $20 – $40 per user
  • Basic setup and/or custom configuration
  • No maintenance

Now compare this to a traditional business phone line/system. One can expect costs associated with hardware, services, redundancy, training, and the like. Traditional PBX systems can cost $300 to $1,000 per person — that’s costly!

As you can see: VoIP pricing offers a more affordable option from the get-go.

What’s even better is how well VoIP scales.

You can add new users to your VoIP system through simple configurations. A new user’s headset is dirt cheap, too. In some instances, a BYOD policy could expand communications for a near-zero cost!

Is VoIP Better Than a Landline?

Okay, so VoIP is cheap… but is it better than an old-fashioned landline?

Oh yes, yes indeed.

A business phone system is only as good as its reliability and flexibility. With traditional lines, you’re mired in local provider contracts and their tech. Outages mean severe business disruptions especially if they’re slow to fix issues.

VoIP is portable so there are rarely major disruptions. An account is accessible via desktop, tablet, and mobile. This offers strong redundancy from outages while providing awesome flexibility for its users!

We will say this: you’ll want a reliable Internet paired with your VoIP system.

Landline vs VoIP: The Verdict

You can likely guess where we stand in this landline vs VoIP debate. From its smart features to excellent affordability — VoIP is the clear winner in our books.

Are you ready to begin exploring VoIP’s amazing opportunities?

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