Can I Use a VoIP Phone as a Regular Phone?

Did you know that 60% of customers prefer to call a company through the phone? While the advent of the internet has given consumers new channels of communication, it’s clear that many of them still prefer the old-fashioned way of getting in touch.

If your business doesn’t have a phone line, then it’s high time you get one.

In that case, you might be wondering: Can I use a VoIP phone as a regular phone? If so, then keep reading. We’ll give you all the information you need.

Can I Use a VoIP Phone as a Regular Phone?

The good news is, you can definitely use a VoIP phone as a regular phone! Basically, VoIP phones work just like traditional phones. But instead of connecting through a telephone line, they connect through the internet.

How Do VoIP Phones Work?

First off, “VoIP” stands for “voice over internet protocol.” A VoIP phone works like this:

  • You speak into the phone
  • The analogous voice signals are converted into digital signals
  • The digital signals are sent over your internet connection as packets of data

By this logic, you can make VoIP calls over your regular phone by putting in an adapter. However, there are business VoIP phones sold that allow you to just plug them in and make calls as normal, all without having to make adjustments. So you can definitely use a VoIP phone like you would with a regular phone.

You can also make VoIP calls with your computer and smartphone. In fact, you may have already done so with programs like Skype and Google Hangouts!

Advantages of Using VoIP Phones

So why would you choose a VoIP phone over a traditional one?

One of the main benefits of VoIP phones is they’re a lot cheaper than traditional landlines. This is especially true if your business makes lots of calls overseas.

In addition, these phones often offer a better connection, which means clearer calls. This will make communication with clients and vendors a lot easier.

You also need to only pay for 1 subscription as opposed to multiple phone lines. When it comes to an office setting, this can make a huge difference in your overhead.

Lastly, traditional phone lines have limitations as to how many people can be connected to a call. With VoIP phones, you can have conference calls with multiple people easily.

Get a VoIP Phone for Your Business

Now you know the answer to the question: Can I use a VoIP phone as a regular phone?

With this newfound knowledge, you’ve probably realized that a VoIP phone would be perfect for your company. You most likely already have an internet connection at your office, so all you have to do is get VoIP phones to replace your legacy phone lines.

Once you do, then you’re ready to enjoy all the benefits that come with this type of phone service!

Are you interested in getting a VoIP phone for your business? Then get in touch with us now. We have several VoIP phone packages available!